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Village of Arlington Heights

33 S. Arlington Heights Road , Arlington Heights , IL, 60005, US


Village of Arlington Heights Business License Application

I understand the issuance of this license is conditional upon compliance with all Village Ordinance and the results of any inspection of the above premises at this time or any subsequent inspection while this license is in force. Falsification or omission of any information on this application may be grounds for denial or revocation.

You are required to upload two documents as part of your submissions. 

  • A detailed narrative explaining your business operations
  • A schemiatic floor plan

Business License Fees
License Fee is required at the time of submittal

Square Footage Fees

  • 0-1,000 Square Feet.............. $130
  • 1,001 - 5,000 Square Feet......$190
  • 5,001 - 12,000 Square Feet....$380
  • 12,001 and Up.........................$760

Specific License Type Fees

  • Beauty/Barber/Nail Salon.........$22 per chair 
  • Junk Peddler.............................$40 per junk wagon

Restaurant, Convenience, and Grocery Stores

  • 1 and 5 Employees ...................$260
  • 6 and 21 Employees..................$360
  • 22 Employees and Up................$500 


What type of business license are you applying for?

Choose the best description for your business

Business Information

Business's Full Address

Previous Business Address (If Applicable)

Billing Information

Billing - Full Address

Property Owner Information

Property Owner Information

Property Manager Information

About the Business

Local Contact Person

Upload Floor Plan of Business

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Is there a propane exchange located on site?

Do you have Hazardous chemicals on the premises? (If yes, please attach a listing of all chemicals stored on site.)

Do you sell liquor? (If yes, provide a letter from the property owner)


Please provide the name of the owner and one individual who shall be the day-to-day, on site manager of the proposed business. 

Business Owner Information

Select Ownership Type

Name of Owner

Owner's Full Home Address

Have you been convicted of a crime except for minor traffic violations?

Site Manager Information

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Opening Date

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Signature Date

Supplemental Information

In order to conduct an accurate and comprehensive review of your business operations, please provide a narrative explaining, in detail, the business operation along with a schematic floor plan for review. This information is required with the submittal of your business license application

Prior to your submittal you may contact our Planning Department at 847-368-5200 to verify  that your business is located int he proper Zoning District. 

  • If you have obtained building permits to alter the space, a business license inspection will not be conducted until you have completed your permit work.
  • Inspections are requried prior to your business opening date.
  • Your business location should be set up the way you intend to operate from the space.

The following is a checklist of items required at your business location. This list should be utilized as a guide; however it imay not be all inclusive for your specific location. If there are spectific code requirements for operation of your business, you will be nofieid during your business license inspection.

Fire Safety

  • Exit sign must have battery backup function.
  • Exit sign light bulbs must be operational
  • Emergency light battery backup function must be operational.
  • Fire extinguishers must be wall mounted and display current inspection tag.
  • Electrtical panels shall have clear access (30" minimum)
  • No excessive combusitbles material in storage area.
  • No extension cords are allowed for permanent use.
  • Buildilng address must be clearly visible.


  • Refuse service is required.
  • Restrooms must have  hard surface flooring and cove base, no carpeting is permitted.
  • Functioning exhaust fan or window that opens.
  • Covered refuse container in restroom.
  • Soap, paper towels or hand dryer are required in restroom.
  • Hot and c old running water.
  • Cove base is required along all wallboards.
  • All walls, ceiling and flooring materials must be in sound condition. 

Restroom Facility

It shall be unlawful to deny the public use of restroom facilities located in commercial operations, schools, gymnasiums, hotel, public buildings, restaurants, public comfort stations or places to which the public is invited or that are frequented by the public without special permission or special invitation. 

This information is valid for this specific location only, if you change your business location you are required to complete this information for your new location. 

Business licenses are Non-Transferable



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Health and Human Services Department Review

Date of Inspection

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Inspection Status

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Planning Department Review

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Review Status

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Village Manager's Office Review

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Finance Review

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Building & Life Safety Director Review

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