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Community Events

Who Should Use This Form

This form is intended to evaluate community events that are open to the public and are proposed by businesses and/or not-for-profit groups located within the Village of Arlington Heights. Priority will be given to events with a history of occurence within the Village of Arlington Heights. This form is also for use by any public or private event that require the use of Village streets, and/or requires the utilization of Village services (i.e. electrical needs, traffic and parking coordination, paramedic services etc), including private events that will impact street parking, should complete this form.

Events that may require the use of this form include but are not limited to:

  • Events requesting the closure of Village Streets 
  • Carnivals
  • Runs or Walks 
  • Parades & Motorcades 
  • Events using food trucks or food vendors 
  • Concerts free or ticketed, open to the public, or with a sound impact on residents
  • Large scale private events that require the use of Village streets or that would impact parking 

Please note that this is NOT a block party request form. If you are a resident of the Village and are requesting use of a village street for a community/neighbor based event (not open to the public) you will need to submit a Neighborhood Block Party Request Form

Please be advised that, in rare instances, the Village may deny a request for an event or request alteration of an event plan, if it is determined that it may jeopardize the health or safety of the public or may cause damage to public property, or due to insufficient staffing resources or conflicting events.

Additional Permits Might Be Required
Depending on the scope of your event, a Temporary Food Service Event Application, Fire Safety Permit, and Daily Liquor License Permit may be required

When to Return Form 
So we can begin our review as soon as possible, please return this form at least six weeks prior to the scheduled event to the Village Manager's Office. If you have questions, please e-mail or call 847-368-5104.

General Information

Last Revised February 2022

The Community Events Staff Committee is a team of Village Staff from all Departments that meet as needed to discuss events proposed to be held in the Village that utilize Village property and/or may require Village services, permits, insurance, and indemnifications. Typically, these are events such as runs/walks, carnivals, parades, music festivals, and any event that involves blocking of streets (excluding Block Parties) etc.

Each event will be discussed through the Community Events Staff Committee, to  determine what, if anything, you will need from the Village and express any concerns or suggestions to help you have a successful, safe event. The items listed below are the major items Village Staff will be reviewing with (as applicable).

Costs Related for any Village Services Provided

If Police, Fire and/or Public Works services are needed to ensure your public event is safe and runs well, your organization will be billed for those services rendered by each participating Department. 

The Village will work with you to help keep costs as reasonable as possible.

Please keep in mind those events requiring Village services on a weekend will incur a higher hourly rate. You should anticipate that charges for services on Sunday could be about 50% higher than charges for events occurring on any other day.

Timing of Final Approval

The Village has a busy construction program where various work is done to streets, curb & gutter, sidewalk, and various other infrastructure work. The Village has a better idea of the construction schedule once construction bids are received  and work is confirmed. This project work usually goes to the Village Board for approval in Spring.

If you are hosting a run/walk, the Village can give you a better idea of streets along your race/event route that may be impacted after project work schedules are finalized. If work is going to be done on event routes, the Village reserves the right to make adjustments or changes as necessary.

Please reach out 60 days before your event to confirm construction schedules and any impact to your Community Event.

Insurance and Indemnification Requirements

If your event will require the use of Village property, including parking lots, sidewalks, and/or Village streets, your organization must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $2 million which also names the Village as an additional insured. The insurance certificate must be provided to the Village prior to the event.

If applicable, the contact person for the sponsoring organization will receive an Indemnification Form from the Village that must be signed and returned prior to the event.

Certificate of Insurance Requirements

Make sure the certificate is valid through the date of the event.

Under the Certificate Holder it should read:
Village of Arlington Heights
33 S. Arlington Heights Rd.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Under Description of Operations it should read:
The Village of Arlington Heights, its officials, employees, agents, and volunteers are named as additional insured on a primary/non-contributory basis. Waiver of subrogation on General Liability applies in favor of the Additional Insured. Make sure to provide Date, Event Location and Description: e.g. April 30, 2022, Group Name 5k run/walk, on various village streets as identified in the submitted event/course map.

Notices to Residents and Businesses

When an event takes place in a residential neighborhood, as a courtesy to the affected individuals, the Village requires that a Notice regarding the event date, time, and duration be delivered to residents and businesses in and around that neighborhood in advance of the date of the event. You should also include a contact person and information in case a resident or business has special need during our event. If you are hosting a run/walk, please include a small map of the route with your Notice. Please send a copy of your Notice to the Village Manager's Office. For more information, please contact the Village Manager's Office, 847.368.5100. 


Arrangements for parking of participants and attendees must be discussed with the Community Events Staff Committee prior to an event taking place.

If you are hosting an event in the Downtown area and plan to use either the Vail Garage or  North Garage for participants to park, attendees must be directed to park on the top floor of the North Garage, and/or the 4th and 5th floor of the Vail Garage.

Also, event parking sites outside of the garages must be arranged in advance – especially if anticipated attendance is high – and you must include the parking information with your event form. It is your obligation to ensure that all parking information is provided to those who are participating or attending in your event – whether it is sent directly to registrants or publicized with the event. Upon request, the Village can email you a parking map that can be used in information sent to people attending your event.

Sale of Food

If you are selling food to the public, a temporary food event application must be submitted to the Health and Human Services Department at least seven days prior to the event. For more information, please contact the Health & Human Services Department, 847.368.5760.

If you are serving or selling alcoholic beverages, an Application for a Daily Permit must be submitted to the Village Manager’s Office at least 30 days prior to the event. All liquor sales must be concluded no less than 30 minutes prior to the end of the event for the day. For more information, please contact the Village Manager's Office, 847.368.5100.

After the local license is issued, a special event liquor license from the State of IL is also required. The State charges a $25 late fee if the license is applied for less than 14 days before the event. 

Raffle Tickets

If your event includes a raffle, where people purchase tickets for a chance to win a prize, you are required to obtain a Raffle License from the Building & Life Safety/ Raffle applications shall be submitted 30 days prior to the event. For more information, please contact the Building & Life Safety Department, 847.368.5560.

Use of Police Department’s Safety Vests

The Police Department has Traffic Assistance Safety Vests available for loan. If your organization borrows the vests from the Police Department, all vests must be returned to the Police Department following your event. If all vests are not returned, the Police Department will charge a $40 replacement fee for each vest not returned.

Tents & Tent Setup

Any tent that is larger than 10 x 12 or 120 square feet requires a permit, which can be obtained from the Building & Life Safety Department. For more information, please contact the Building & Life Safety Department, 847.368.5560.

  • All tents, regardless of size, must be properly secured to prevent collapse or uplift.
  • When setting up tents, do not block the fire connections on the adjacent buildings.
  • There must be an unimpeded 18-foot-wide fire lane with acceptable turning radius at the intersections maintained at all times, subject to Fire Department approval.

Outdoor Cooking for Events

  • No open flame cooking or deep frying is permitted in any tent.
  • Each cooking area must have at least one fire extinguisher which is no less than a 10 pound Type ABC extinguisher. Any cooking area where there will be deep frying must also have a Type K fire extinguisher.
  • All propane tanks must be secured in order to prevent the tanks from tipping over.

Electrical Needs

  • The use of generators must be assessed for safety purposes. If one is allowed at an event, a permit must be completed in Building & Life Safety Department, located on the first floor of Village Hall, 33. S Arlington Heights Road.
  • All 125 volt receptacles must be GFI protected.

Please note that, in order to ensure safety of the public, the Village reserves the right to set additional requirements or modify those listed above, as it deems appropriate.

Event Details

SET UP: Date and Time

Date Picker

EVENT START: Date and Time

Date Picker

EVENT END: Date and Time

Date Picker

If your event is using a park, the Park District will need to give their approval. For more information, please call the Park District at 847.577.3000

Event location

Does your event involve a parade or motorcade?

Will food be served at the event?

Will alcohol be served at the event?

Will live music (band, DJs, audio equipment, etc.) be provided?

Will there be amplification announcements?

Will your event include the set-up of tents or other temporary structures?

Public safety including police, fire and public works services, may be required to help host your event safely. These services will accrue a financial cost, of which the host will be responsible to pay in full. The details of costs associated with your event will be determined as the process moves forward. Please confirm your acknowledgement of the above.

Does your event require electrical?

Is there insurance to cover the event?

Upload a copy of all insurance documentation and make sure it lists the Village of Arlington Heights as an additional insured. Include proof of Dram Shop Insurance if alcohol is to be served.

Please acknowledge that under Description of Operations, your Certificate of Insurance should read: "The Village of Arlington Heights, its officials, employees, agents, and volunteers are named as additional insured on a primary/non-contributory basis. Waiver of subrogation on General Liability applies in favor of the Additional Insured." Additionally, the Certificate of Insurance should include your event location, date, and a description: e.g. April 30, 2023, Group Name 5k run/walk, on various village streets as identified in the submitted event/course map.

Upload insurance documentation for your event

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Will banners or signs be used to advertise the event?

Are you planning to have a raffle in conjunction with the event?

Please upload a sketch or map with legend of the layout of your event. If you are hosting a race, please view the below example.

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Examples of Acceptable Race Map


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