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Village of Arlington Heights

33 S. Arlington Heights Road , Arlington Heights , IL, 60005, US


Coronavirus Relief Application for Outdoor Dining
Application Requirements & Rules
Coronavirus Relief Outdoor Dining Areas on Private Property must meet the following criteria:
  1. Eligibility
    • Existing restaurants with indoor seating are eligible for outdoor dining in private parking lots, as long as they have permission from the private parking lot property owner.
    • Restaurants with the ability to meet the State, Federal, and Local Emergency orders with respect to occupancy.
    • The outdoor dining area will be permitted from the date of approval through the end of September 2020.
  2. Parking Requirements
    • Minimum parking requirements may be administratively waived by the Village to allow for adequate outdoor seating.
    • Available parking will need to be preserved, at a level determined by the Village, which provides adequate parking for the needs of the restaurant. In consultation with the Village, restaurants shall work with their landlord (if applicable) to ensure adequate parking is available for other businesses operating within a multi- tenant property.
  3. Seating Area Design and Use
    • Tables and chairs shall have a minimum separation of six feet, or the minimum stipulated distance as may be required by the State or Federal Government.
    • If delivery of food requires walking through a pedestrian space, food must be covered.
    • A barrier or fencing system shall be used to enclose the outdoor seating area, and shall be of sufficient size and design as to deter the unintentional encroachment of vehicles into the dining area.
    • Barriers, tables, and chairs shall be designed to withstand a wind pressure of not less than 30-pounds per square inch.
    • The outdoor dining area can be operated between the hours of 7:00am to 10:00pm on Sunday through Wednesday, and from 7:00am to 11:00pm Thursday through Saturday.
  4. Maximum Area
    • Total combined indoor and outdoor seating shall not exceed the seating capacity of the restaurant prior to the implementation of Coronavirus restrictions.
    • If the State or Federal Government imposes more stringent restrictions, those restrictions shall apply.
  5. Health and Life Safety
    • At no time shall the outdoor dining area impede fire access or block fire lanes.
    • Food transported from the restaurant to the outdoor dining area shall meet Food Safety requirements.
    • The restaurant shall regularly clean and maintain the outdoor seating area.
  6. Tenting/Canopies*
    • Tents 400 square-feet in size or under are allowed without a building permit.
    • If the tent is open on all sides, the maximum permitted tent size without a building permit is 700 square-feet.
  7. Aesthetics/Ambiance
    • Incorporation of landscaping through the use of planters is encouraged to enhance ambiance and improve the aesthetics of the outdoor dining area.
Please note:
  1. The Village maintains the right to require modification or removal of the outdoor dining area in the event that issues arise.
  2. All other Village codes, Liquor License restrictions, and signage restrictions shall remain in full effect.
*If the State or Federal Government establishes more stringent requirements regarding tenting/dining area enclosures, or prohibits tenting outright, those requirements shall apply.

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Applicant Acknowledgement

By signing below, I acknowledge the following with respect to the proposed Outdoor Dining Area on Private Property:

  1. The restaurant is responsible for regularly maintaining and cleaning the outdoor dining area.
  2. The restaurant shall comply with applicable health codes and Coronavirus restrictions.
  3. The Village may, at its discretion, require modification, restrictions, or removal of the outdoor dining area.
  4. Barriers, tables, and chairs are designed to withstand a wind pressure of not less than 30-pounds per square inch. 
  5. The Outdoor Dining Area shall comply with all Coronavirus Relief Outdoor Dining on Private Property rules, and all other applicable Village Codes, Liquore License Requirements, and Signage Limitations. 
  6. Liquor will only be permitted in the designated outdoor dining area.
  7. The restaurant will address any noise complaints.
  8. The restaurant will verify their coverage for serving alcoholic beverages outside on private property with their Liquor Liability Insurance Broker.

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