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Village of Arlington Heights

33 S. Arlington Heights Road , Arlington Heights , IL, 60005, US




Village of Arlington Heights | Senior Center

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I qualify for the lawn mowing referral program because:

Upon request, the Arlington Heights Senior Center will provide referrals of teenagers who are willing to mow lawns for Arlington Heights residents, age 60 and over or Arlington Heights residents who have a disability. The resident will contact the teen and make all arrangements with the teen to have their lawn mowed. The teen lawn mower and the resident work out all details as to: areas to be cut, time to be mowed, cost of job and payment arrangements. The Village of Arlington Heights makes no guarantees about this program.

I agree that I will indemnify and hold the Village of Arlington Heights harmless of and from any and all claims that may be made by any person or organization for personal injury and property as a result of participation in this Lawn Mowing Referral Program.

I have read the above description of the lawn mowing referral plan and understand and agree to the terms. My signature below indicates this understanding and agreement and certifies that the information I have provided on this application is accurate.

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